Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Introducing Goosh (Google Shell)

Have you ever wondered, when can i search the web using command line?
Are you a command line geek?
Would you like to get the power of command line and the essence of web.

I felt all that when i opened
When you open the site, you will find a simple white screen with some welcome message like what you see if you have been using a Nix shell before.

just type help and press enter to see what you can do with this shell.

One of the amazing things i have tried is the translate command.
Here is a screenshot of the result for translating "I'm amr and i like to talk" from english to arabic

Totally amazing? Just watch out for the other abilities as well. and share your feedbacks about it and if there is any other amazing commands you did on it.

I will try to read the javascript of the page and share hints.

Happy command line searching